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Why Choose Us


Ever since opening our first store to the public in 2002 Cakes & Bakes have been going from strength to strength. During our early years we focused on establishing the systems and procedures for a robust and high quality catering business model, one that could meet the growing demand for healthier and dietary alternatives in the celebratory cakes market. With these in place we were able to open up an exciting opportunity to people looking for self-employment as a Cakes & Bakes franchisee. Today, we have four branches in London with rapid expansion expected over the next five years.

With the public’s increased demand for dairy-free food products the eggless cakes—whether for health or food sensitivity reasons, this market has grown exponentially over the past 10 years and the trend is set to continue. We’ve seen an increase in the demand for lactose free, vegetarian and egg-free products and are excited to be positioned to cater to that need.

This means there has never been a better time to become a Cakes & Bakes Franchisee.

Why Choose Us

Cakes & Bakes is one of the UK’s fastest growing food brands.

At Cakes & Bakes pride ourselves on creating high quality, great tasting cakes and savoury products that meet our customers’ demand for dairy-free novelty foods. Our cakes are baked to our own recipe to create that unique taste our customers have come to recognise as the Cakes & Bakes experience. That, coupled our exceptional level of customer service and dedication to strict operational standards, is why we stand out from our competitors. Everything we do is geared toward making it easy for all our franchisees to replicate the same standards wherever they are.

With our brand positioned at its most opportune period for growth this is an exciting time to join us. We offer massive opportunity for growth as we continue to develop our brand as a leading provider of egg-free, non-dairy cream cakes in the UK. We also offer egg-free savoury products and novelty food baskets.

Our Franchises

A franchise licence with Cakes & Bakes grants you permission to become a franchiser under the Franchise Agreement. This enables you to build your own business by using our operational systems, production processes and brand assets to become part of the Cakes & Bakes family. You’ll benefit from our marketing activities and receive training, advice and support to manage and run your own High Street Cakes & Bakes shop.

A franchise business investment with Cakes & Bakes offers you the opportunity to build and grow a profitable business without having to start from scratch or go it alone. Much of the legwork has already been done for you plus you’ll be given plenty of support to get you up and running as soon as possible.

What we look for

Being your own boss offers you the chance to do more of what you love. Self-employment means freedom to manage your own time and to use your full suite of skills and talents to build something that’s yours to call your own.

As many people who run their own businesses will attest to, it’s a journey that comes with its own challenges. You must be prepared to work hard, to be persistent, patient and willing to learn. You must plan and balance activities, build the right team and make sacrifices. We look for the exact same qualities and aptitudes in our franchisees.

The Process

Step 1: Your application is reviewed

Step 2: You move to ourpreferential application stage

Step 3: We invite you to present at our Cakes & Bakes head office

Step 4: Investment agreement signing and deposit

Step 5: Location allocation

Step 6: Franchise approval

Step 7: Business plan development (with funding application support, if needed)

Step 8: Franchise Agreement Offer

Step 9: Response to offer request

Step 10: Legal agreements signed

Step 11: Completion by signing of lease

Step 12: You are now officially a Cakes & Bakes Franchise

Franchise FAQ's

Can I open a franchise as a partnership?

Cake & Bakes franchises are currently available to sole traders only. We do not allow partnerships.

Can I convert my existing store into a branch?

If you have an existing shop of a suitable size and location for a Cakes & Bakes shop, then it may be possible to convert it into a branch. All our branches are located on High Streets with good foot-flow, so your store will need to meet these requirements.

Do I need experience in this type of business?

We provide full training to the right people, so even if you have no experience in the food or baking industry, or even in business, we will still encourage you to apply. Our cakes are baked centrally to our own recipe and so there is no baking involved; you will be trained in everything else.

Can you help with funding?

We’ve helped many of our franchisees to raise the necessary capital required to get their franchises up and running. We’ll expect you to have at least 50% of the capital required. The rest can be financed through various banks, and our Financial Director can guide you through the process.


Our eggless, non-dairy cream cakes provide the perfect finish whatever the occasion. Freshly baked egg-free Novelty cakes topped with non-dairy creamthat taste divine. Try our wide range of tasty egg-free cakes and savouries.

General FAQs

Are your cakes suitable for Vegetarians?

Our products are made without the use of meat, meat derivatives and eggs. We also use non-dairy cream in our cakes. This makes them suitable for vegetarians, vegans and those following a dairy-free diet.

Can someone else collect an order on my behalf?

Yes, just ask them to bring along the order form, order number or name when they come to collect your order. We do recommend that you have the person take a picture of the order and send it to you, just to make sure you are happy with it before it leaves the shop.

Are your cakes nut-free?

While our cakes are free of nuts in the main ingredients our shops are not a nut-free environment. Some cakes do have nuts as part of the finish or decoration. This means other cakes may have traces of nuts as a result of being in the same environment.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Our cakes are baked and decorated to order on the day of collection, so it may be possible to cancel an order up until the day. Please call us if you need to cancel an order as soon you know.

Do you use frozen ingredients?

Our cakes and savouries are baked fresh daily. We do not use frozen ingredients.

Can you deliver my order?

Unfortunatel, we do not offer a delivery service at this time, but you are welcome to send someone else to collect your order on your behalf, providing they have the order details.

Are your products Halal?

Our products are free of meat, meat derivatives, alcohol and eggs. We also use only non-dairy cream, so our cakes and savouries can be enjoyed by those following a halal or kosher diet.

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