Published on 05 August 2023

There are Wedding Cakes, and Wedding Cakes. The choice is yours

If one thinks of wedding, can cake be far behind?

There can be no marriage, or one cannot ever imagine a marriage, without the mandatory cake.Since times immemorial, and as far as generations, no centuries go, wedding cakes have occupied the topmost priority status, perhaps next only to the wedding gown, when it comes to the amount of thinking that goes into modelling the perfection needed to wow the friends and well-wishers thronging the ceremonies.

Excited? Confused? Stressed? 

Just drop the very thought of going through the thinking process. Just call / visit Cakes & Bakes – either drop into our outlet in your neighbourhood or call on us virtually – and relax.

Your wedding cake is our responsibility – just chat with us, tell us what you feel, want, imagine, and pour out your emotions. We will come up with a creation that fully, and faithfully, reflects your emotions, desires, and wishes in an amalgamation of colours and designs that leaves a lasting impression on everyone present. Yes, your wedding cake will be something to remember your most important day by, just like countless of our guests. This is also because, perhaps, for us you are not a guest, but we consider you a part of our family. We connect with you in every which way and participate in your marital journey from the most joyous moment. And strive to make it the most memorable. And why not? The cake we bake is a work of edible art, made by using the best of ingredients and it symbolises fertility, good luck, and prosperity. 

Traditionally, the wedding cake had three tiers – the bottom one served during the ceremony and the middle one after the ceremony. The bride and bridegroom would save the top tier for their first child christening. But, over the years, the number of tiers has gone up depending on tastes and likes and budget. If you invite more guests, it is prudent to add couple of more tiers to the wedding cake. 

Of course, it is difficult for you to assess correctly. And this is where we would like to advise you to completely trust and take the advice of our experts. And since wedding cake offers one of the best photo opportunities during the marriage ceremony, also because of the creatively artistic figurine it becomes adding to the overall ambience, it is not surprising that the bride and bridegroom spend more time, energy, and money on having the best cake on display on the most important day of their togetherness. 

Check out our exquisitely designed wedding cakes, either in our display windows at our outlets, or on our website. But if you want something that we craft out your imagination, complete with your unique design, style, colour combines, and you want the stamp of your personality, all you need is to have a detailed chat with our experts.