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Boys Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes for boys are a special treat that will make a birthday celebration even more memorable. Whether your little one is turning one or ten, a stunning birthday cake can be the perfect finishing touch for a birthday party. Boys can be particularly picky about their cakes, so it's important to consider their interests and preferences when choosing a design. From superhero themes to sports-themed cakes, there are endless options to choose from to make the birthday boy feel extra special on his special day. No matter what design you choose, our delicious and beautifully decorated birthday cake is sure to be a hit with boys of all ages.

Blue Vanilla cake
CC145 Blue Vanilla Cake
From £24.99
Fruitful Cake
FC170 Fruitful Cake
From £29.99
Sliced Fruit Cake | Cakes & Bakes | Cake Delivery
FC090 Fruit Punch Cake
From £29.99
Black Forest Cake
FV080 Black Forest Cake
From £29.99
Pistachio Paradise Cake
FV300 Pistachio Paradise Cake
From £29.99
Coco-Citrus Cake
FV159 Coco-Citrus Cake
From £29.99
Square Mango Cake | Cakes & Bakes | Cake Delivery
FV020 Square Mango Cake
From £29.99
Pistachio Nirvana cake
FV305 Pistachio Nirvana cake
From £29.99
Ferrero Rocher Cake
FV160 Ferrero Rocher Cake
From £30.99
Red Velvet Dusting Cake | Cakes & Bakes | Cake Delivery
CC110 Red Velvet Dusting Cake
From £31.99
Square Choco Truffle Cake | Cakes & Bakes | Cake Delivery
CC900 Square Choco Truffle Cake
From £31.99
Square Ferrero Rocher Cake | Cakes & Bakes | Cake Delivery
FV060 Square Ferrero Rocher Cake
From £31.99
Vegan Choco Cake
VE010 Vegan Choco Cake
From £32.99
Silky Nutella Cake
FV205 Nutella Cake
From £33.99
Carrot Round Cake
FV190 Carrot Round Cake
From £34.99
Fruit Cone Tower Cake | Cakes & Bakes | Cake Delivery
TC140 Fruit Cone Tower Cake
From £39.99
Hot Right Now
Round KitKat Cake
CC125 Round KitKat Cake
From £35.99£39.9910% off
Selling Fast
Floral Dripping Cake | Cakes & Bakes | Cake Delivery
CC095 Floral Dripping Cake
From £39.99
Chelsea FC Photo Cake
PH120 Chelsea FC Photo Cake
From £41.99
Best Seller
Tip-top Prime Photo Cake
PH200 Tip-top Prime Photo Cake
From £41.99
Vegan Lotus Biscoff Cake
VE050 Vegan Lotus Biscoff Cake
From £52.99
Thomas the Tank Engine Cake
KD190 Thomas The Tank Engine Cake
From £69.99
Toblerone Milk Choco Cake
TC320 Toblerone Milk Choco Cake
From £69.99
Hershey's City Cake | Cakes & Bakes | Cake Delivery
TC230 Hershey's City Cake
From £72.99
Selling Fast
TC200 Nutella Temptations Cake
From £72.99
Jungle Cake
KD070 Jungle Cake
From £79.99