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40th Birthday Cakes

A 40th birthday is a milestone occasion and a time to celebrate the journey you have taken thus far and to look forward to all the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. Embrace this new chapter in your life and make the most of it! And a special cake is a perfect way to celebrate. Cakes & Bakes offers so many creative and fun ideas for 40th birthday cakes, from elegant and sophisticated designs to playful and whimsical themes. Whatever the design, a 40th birthday cake is a delicious and festive way to mark this important occasion.

Pink Vanilla Cake
CC140 Pink Vanilla Cake
From £24.99
Blue Vanilla cake
CC145 Blue Vanilla Cake
From £24.99
Chocolate Fruit Cake
FC190 Chocolate Fruit Cake
From £30.99
Ferrero Rocher Cake
FV160 Ferrero Rocher Cake
From £30.99
Red Velvet Dusting Cake | Cakes & Bakes | Cake Delivery
CC110 Red Velvet Dusting Cake
From £31.99
Red Velvet Crunch Cake  | Cakes & Bakes | Cake Delivery
CC085 Red Velvet Crunch Cake
From £31.99
Chocolate Heaven
CC130 Chocolate Heaven
From £32.99
Carrot Round Cake
FV190 Carrot Round Cake
From £34.99
Chocolate Mud Cake
FV250 Chocolate Mud Cake
From £34.99
Selling Fast
Rich Square Chocolate Cake
CC755 Rich Square Chocolate Cake
From £37.99
Fruit Cone Tower Cake | Cakes & Bakes | Cake Delivery
TC140 Fruit Cone Tower Cake
From £39.99
Hot Right Now
Round KitKat Cake
CC125 Round KitKat Cake
From £35.99£39.9910% off
Lotus Biscoff Tower Cake | Cakes & Bakes | Cake Delivery
TC170 Lotus Biscoff Tower Cake
From £64.99
Raffaello Roses Cake | Cakes & Bakes | Cake Delivery
TC460 Raffaello Roses Cake
From £64.99
Kinder & Maltesers Tower Cake | Cakes & Bakes | Cake Delivery
TC080 Kinder Bueno Tower Cake
From £65.99
Toblerone Milk Choco Cake
TC320 Toblerone Milk Choco Cake
From £69.99
Strawberry & Ferrero Cake
TC250 Strawberry & Ferrero Cake
From £70.99
White Choco Tower Cake
TC210 White Choco Tower Cake
From £70.99
Hershey's City Cake | Cakes & Bakes | Cake Delivery
TC230 Hershey's City Cake
From £72.99
Best Seller
Pinkvilla Numerical Cake | Cakes & Bakes | Cake Delivery
NU110 Pinkvilla Numerical Cake
From £96.99