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Square Cakes

Square Cakes

Try something different for your next celebration with one of our yummy Square Cakes! They are as delicious as their circular counterparts but are easier to portion, cut and serve, making them a perfect option for larger gatherings. At Cakes & Bakes we cover a large selection of Square Cake designs and flavours so anyone can find the perfect dessert for their celebration.

Yellow Prism Cake
CC745 Yellow Prism Cake
From £27.99
Pinky Rose Cake
CC740 Pinky Rose Cake
From £27.99
Rose Rendezvous Vanilla Cake
FV440 Rose Rendezvous Vanilla Cake
From £27.99
Square Mango Cake | Cakes & Bakes | Cake Delivery
FV020 Square Mango Cake
From £29.99
Floral Raefello Cake
CC750 Floral Raffaello Cake
From £31.99
Square Choco Truffle Cake | Cakes & Bakes | Cake Delivery
CC900 Square Choco Truffle Cake
From £31.99
Balmy Choco Berries Cake
CC875 Balmy Choco Berries Cake
From £31.99
Square Ferrero Rocher Cake | Cakes & Bakes | Cake Delivery
FV060 Square Ferrero Rocher Cake
From £31.99
Rainbow Blossoms Vanilla Cake
FV460 Rainbow Blossoms Vanilla Cake
From £34.99
Selling Fast
Rich Square Chocolate Cake
CC755 Rich Square Chocolate Cake
From £37.99
Best Seller
Tip-top Prime Photo Cake
PH200 Tip-top Prime Photo Cake
From £41.99