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Hot Eats

Hot Eats

Hot Eats is your go-to destination for an irresistible array of culinary delights, ranging from savory samosas and pastries to mouthwatering paneer pockets and potato pockets.

Our menu is a testament to taste, quality, and diversity, offering something for every palate.

Baked Veg Samosa
HET090 Baked Veg Samosa
From £14.99
Veg Pastry
HET050 Veg Pastry
From £22.99
Potato Pockets
HET080 Potato Pockets
From £26.99
Heart Shaped Chocolate Pastry
HET101 Heart Shaped Chocolate Pastry
From £29.99
Cheese & Jalapeno Bake
HET010 Cheese & Jalapeno Bake
From £29.99
Cheese & Onion Bake
HET020 Cheese & Onion Bake
From £29.99
Chicken Pastry
HET030 Chicken Pastry
From £29.99
Lamb Pastry
HET040 Lamb Pastry
From £29.99
Gobi 65 Roll
HET060 Gobi 65 Roll
From £29.99
Paneer Pockets
HET070 Paneer Pockets
From £29.99