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Published on 25 October 2022

5 essential baking tools

baking tools


The key to a wonderfully baked cake is perfect measuring. You'll need a scale for this. You must use the right amount of ingredients to produce light and spongy cakes. So, eliminate any uncertainty by utilising some high-quality kitchen scales. Any scale, digital or analogue, is available. To be clear, a digital scale allows you to measure even tiny amounts precisely, whereas mechanical scales are less expensive and easier to use.

Price: The cost of kitchen scales varies significantly based on brand and quality. The typical price range for digital and analogue scales is between £8 and £28, depending on the model.

Hand Mixer

A hand mixer will help you finish tasks faster, such as whipping cream, beating eggs, or creaming butter and sugar. Without a doubt, it is more affordable and smaller than a stand mixer. You can easily do it even if your resources are restricted or your space is limited. Your hand will also feel a little bit more relaxed as a result.

Price: The average cost of a hand mixer with 7 attachments and 9-speed levels is about £120.

Tins and baking trays

You understand the frustration of having your perfectly baked cake stick to the tin if you bake cakes. With non-stick bakeware made of carbon steel, you'll never again lose the side of your sponge to a difficult container. Cakes are simple to remove. Additionally, they facilitate quick cooling, consistent baking, and simple clean-up.

Price: A wide range of sizes and grades are available. Typically, a non-stick tray measuring 30 cm may cost £3.00 and a non-stick round tin measuring 9 inches may cost £5.00.

Piping Bags and nozzles

The most essential component of cake decorating, piping bags come in a variety of sizes, designs, and materials. Additionally, you have the option of using silicone, reusable, or disposable plastic piping bags for your decorative needs. Silicone piping bags are a favourite among them since they are reusable, useful, flexible, light, portable, and durable.

On the other hand, you may use piping tips in a variety of shapes and sizes to create borders and other added embellishments. When icing is forced through these tiny cones, they are set up to create various designs. Anyway, some common nozzle shapes are as follows:

  • Star Nozzle
  • Grass Nozzle
  • Round Nozzle
  • Closed Star Nozzle
  • Basketweave Nozzle
  • Leaf Nozzle
  • Rose Nozzle

Price: Typically, a set of 10 piping bags and 4 nozzles costs £3.50, however, the cost will vary depending on the company and the set's dimensions.

Decorating Turntable

For decorating cakes and other pastries, the turntable is a professional rotating cake stand with a flat work area. It can also be used to construct cakes. Additionally, it can be rotated left or right as necessary to complete the decoration of the object. However, cake turntables are employed during both the baking and finishing processes.

Price: Prices range between £12 and £40.

Hopefully, this list of essential baking tools to absolutely invest in will help you build your own tool collection and become the best baker you can be. But if you ever feel like having cake without having to make it yourself, we are here to help! Visit our website to discover our extensive range of cakes, cupcakes, cake slices, cookies and brownies.