Published on 14 August 2023

Celebrating Landmarks of London

Whosoever has learnt the language, London, always is the first city that springs out from memories as many nursery rhymes were written on the city that was at one time the most powerful of the cities in the world.  “Pussy cat, pussy cat where have you been? I have been down to London to visit the Queen,” is perhaps the most read, and remembered nursery rhyme for anyone who has learnt the English language formally anywhere in the world. 

In 1800 London was the largest city in the world and was a melting pot of politics, power, trade, ideas, and people. Moreover, since the English empire on which the sun never set was ruled from London, its references are vivid in the minds of people across colonies, and London is the city many people from erstwhile colonies visit as tourists, and or come to work and settle down. 

Cricket, and its Mecca, Lords, named after its founder Thomas Lord, is the biggest dream venue of any player or fan from across the globe, or the pull of Wimbledon, tennis’s legendary home of the sport’s greatest grass court slam event in the vicinity of London, and countless sporting venues always attract, inspire one and all, celebrate the city and all that it offers. 

And what better way to celebrate the city then with cakes made by us at Cakes&Bakes that are near life-like replicas of the various landmarks of the city – Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, the London Eye, the ubiquitous red double-decker buses, the ancient and antiqued red telephone booths, the bookstores, and the Buckingham Palace, and the like. We have the most alluring, inviting, and beautiful London Landmark Cake creations you can take home for celebrating our lovely, lively, and thriving city of today and tomorrow. 

Well, do not believe our claims.  Seeing is believing – just take a trip down to any of our many outlets in the city, and or browse through our website.

Chances are you will find them irresistible! What we can guarantee is the taste, quality, and freshness of cakes that we have been baking since our inception in 2002 from our first branch at East Ham, Ilford, Forest Gate, Norwood London. We use the best fresh cream, buttercream and top-quality ingredients and dump in dollops and dollops of love and affection in every cake we bake, which gives a distinctive taste to our creations. Why our London Landmark cakes attract many perhaps because of the detailing we give attention to when creating them – the work of art that our bakers have perfected over the years. All our cakes are handmade and freshly baked by highly qualified chefs.  Many of our customers, come back to us for more, and they are the ones who have built our reputation on the strength of word-of-mouth publicity.