Published on 25 October 2022

What is drip icing?

drip icing

What exactly is drip icing?

Drip icing, often referred to as drip cake frosting or waterfall frosting, uses a frosting that is made to resemble chocolate ganache to produce a drip look on a cake. Ganache, which is produced from chocolate and cream and is either white, coloured, or dark chocolate, is preferred for this technique because of its capacity to set without oozing into other frostings.

How is it made?

Although there are a ton of ways to decorate a drip cake, the basic recipe never really changes. But traditional ganache recipes call for both cream and chocolate.

You simply need to bring heavy cream to a boil and pour it over baking chocolate to create a ganache drip. The chocolate will soften after a few minutes of waiting. The ganache will then simply need to be stirred until it is smooth, and allowed to continue cooling. You then simply need to delicately pour it on the sides and top of your cake.  It's an extremely simple recipe that can also be made with white chocolate if you want to dye your icing a fun and exciting colour.

Last words

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