Published on 14 October 2022

Five cake facts for cake lovers

Our contemporary wedding cakes are not as old as you might think they are!

wedding cake

The centrepiece of any modern wedding is the wedding cake. It is one of the main aspects of the wedding celebration and is usually lavishly decorated. The modern wedding cake evolved from a variety of ethnic traditions. In order to bring good fortune to the newlywed couple, bread was broken over the bride's head in one of the earliest traditions, which dates back to Ancient Rome.

Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany, who was married in 1882, is credited with creating the contemporary wedding cake as we know it today. His cake was the first to be entirely edible.

The most expensive cake ever was commissioned for a teenage girl’s birthday party.

Expensive cake

When seeking for something special for their daughter's birthday, a very rich parent from the United Arab Emirates didn't really have a world record in mind when they ordered the cake. But after an appointment with cake designer Debbie Wingha, it became quite clear that the cake would be rather exceptional. Debbie was asked for the cake to resemble a fashion runway and feature edible models wearing edible high fashion clothes. All of these demands would already drive the cost up but to this was added the addition of several precious stones, including multi colored diamonds worth $45 million. In the end, the cake ended up measuring more than 1 metre and costing $75,000,000. This crazy cake is currently the world record holder for most expensive cake ever.

Red Velvet Cake’s popularity was born out of a vengeful act

Red Velvet Cake

Interestingly enough Red Velvet Cake’s earliest recipe was released to the public out of spite. Indeed, the story says that a woman fell in love with a delicious cake at a local restaurant somewhere in the US. She loved it so much that she asked the chef for the recipe. They agreed but charged her $100 for the recipe. In revenge for having spent so much, she spread the recipe everywhere so anyone could copy it and make said delicious cake.

Chocolate chips were invented after chocolate chips cookies

Chocolate Chip

It might sound ridiculous but chocolate chips were invented after the first chocolate chip cookie recipe was created. In 1937, Ruth Graves Wakefield added chopped-up pieces of semi-sweet chocolate to her cookie batter, creating the first chocolate chip cookie. The unmelted chocolate pieces in this cookie made it a huge success. The popularity of this cookie influenced the production of convenient chocolate chips a few years later.

The famous and beloved Victoria Sponge Cake was originally created for children

Victoria sponge Cake

It is commonly believed that Queen Victoria absolutely loved sponge cake which is why it is now commonly referred to as Victoria sponge Cake. But contrary to what many believe, Victoria sponge Cake was not created for Queen Victoria!

The Victoria Sponge is thought to have originated in the Victorian nursery. Fruit cake and seed cake made up afternoon tea throughout the early Victorian era. It was thought that children should not consume a cake with fruit or seed bits as it could cause choking. Instead, the light, safe Victoria Sponge was made for them as a teatime treat! It didn't arrive at the adult tea table until a few years later.

In conclusion

We hope this collection of interesting cake facts has satisfied your hunger for cake facts. It definitely made us hungry for a delicious slice of cake! To satisfy your cake cravings, check the wide range of cakes and sweet treats available on our website! We offer same day cake delivery around London and within the M25, so treat yourself!