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Published on 25 October 2022

A guide to icing



Cakes and other baked goods are often covered in fondant frosting. It offers a smooth and tidy appearance to any baked creation. It is typically rolled into thin sheets and stretched over the cake's surface. This icing is especially loved for its superior resistance to temperature changes (in comparison to buttercream).

Additionally, fondant can be moulded or sculpted to create 3D decorations. It is available in any colour and can easily be flavoured.

Whipped cream

Powdered sugar and whipped cream are the two primary components of whipped icing. Some whipped icings contain meringue powder for increased stability.

Whipping cream must first be cooled before it can be used to make whipped icing. The cream is then beaten using a beater or stand mixer until it is light and fluffy. When soft peaks begin to form, gradually add powdered sugar to the cream.

It is often used for cupcakes and simple-designed cakes.


Buttercream is a sweet and airy frosting made by combining butter and sugar. Vanilla and milk are also often added to soften the texture.

Although vanilla buttercream is the most popular flavour, it is also frequently seen in chocolate or fruit-flavoured versions. Buttercream can be used as a filler or for decoration and icing.

Buttercream has a softer consistency that makes it simple to deal with and spread, making it perfect for decoration. It's simple to create; just combine butter and icing sugar to form a frothy consistency. Add vanilla extract to the cream for flavour. The quality of the butter you choose for the mixture is the most important consideration when preparing buttercream because it can affect the flavour, consistency, and appearance of the cream.

Cream cheese icing

As its name reveals, cream cheese icing is made with cream cheese. It is really similar to buttercream since it has butter and sugar as a base. The cream cheese is added to create a tangier and fresher taste. It is most often used to decorate carrot cakes. It can be flavoured but tends to be preferred in its original taste.

 Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand the difference between all the icings. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about what icing you should get for your next cake. Visit our website to discover the wide variety of cakes we offer.