Published on 25 October 2022

How to give a spooky edge to your desserts this Halloween


Fruit coulis for the win

A great way to turn a simple cake into a slasher-worthy creation is to add coulis to it. And your imagination really is the limit with this trick! A red berry coulis can easily replicate the look of blood, a kiwi coulis will evoke the look of slime, a mango and passion fruit coulis could be alien snot and so on. There are so many delicious possibilities!

Fondant is your friends

If you have never used fondant before, you might not be aware of what an amazing decorating tool it can be. Indeed, the unassuming sugar blocks can be used to sculpt pretty much anything! You could use black fondant to replicate the carving of a Jack O'Lantern on an orange cake, you could use fondant to sculpt little witch hats for a set of cupcakes.

Do not underestimate fruits

Fruits might not be the first snack you think about when brainstorming Halloween treats and decorations. However, there are many ways to include fruits in your Halloween desserts. For example, easy peelers and oranges make wonderful mini pumpkins once peeled, grapes and blueberries can easily pass for spooky eyeballs, bananas can be turned into ghosts with a bit of chocolate spread cleverly applied, apple quarters can be carved into a scary set of teeth and kiwis can be turned into mini Frankenstein monsters with the right peeling and cleverly placed chocolate chips and pretzel sticks. The limit is your imagination!

Do not hold back on novelty sprinkles

If you are not the best sculptor or fruit carver, you can always count on the wide array of Halloween novelty sprinkles and cake toppers available in supermarkets and baking supply shops. It is now very easy to find sugar eyeballs, spider webs, mini pumpkins, bugs and much more.

Always include sweets!

Not including any sweets in a Halloween dessert is almost a crime! And there is no excuse for it since you can easily find chewy worms to add to a chocolate cake for adding a dirty twist to the classic dessert. You can also turn marshmallows into cute little ghosts with a few strokes of a cake-decorating pen. Marshmallows can also be melted to resemble spiderwebs. Red Smarties can be used as angry red eyes, chocolate can be melted in a spiderweb shape. No matter what theme you are going for, sweets are definitely the right move.

Hopefully, this article has given you some great ideas on how to spook your guest with a frightfully delicious dessert this Halloween. Fruits, sweets, fruits, sprinkles and fruit coulis, the sky's the limit! But if all of this seems like it is a bit too much for you, we have a solution! Visit our website and shop our spookylicious Halloween collection. Ghost, pumpkins, bats and more, we have treats for everyone! Cakes and Bakes are here to make your Halloween wishes come to life!