Published on 24 August 2023

Hey, get ready for Halloween a bit in advance!

The recurring and resounding theme of this festival is rooted in the strong belief that evil drives away all the evil and the day is spent in scaring the wits out of everyone around us. As feelings of excitement, and nervous anticipation envelope you as D-day approaches, we at Cakes& Bakes promise to lessen your jitters and make your day very special, and memorable.

We have been, over the years, adding to the excitement of the people who have been coming to us for the most desirable cakes we bake for Halloween – specially crafted by our creative designers, putting in special efforts, and ‘effects’ to reflect all the sentiments and emotions into the creations they come up with for the occasion.

Tradition has it that people would wear masks and costumes to ward off ghosts and spirits on Halloween – the festival that has its origins to the ancient Celtic harvest festival of Smahian celebrated some 2000 years ago. The Celts believed at that time when mischievous and evil spirits were able to roam freely, and for them they would leave sweet treats to appease them, so that they survive through the winter. It was also supposed that spirits of departed loved ones visited home for one night to welcome whom fires were lit, hearths and extra places laid at table. In Medieval Britain and Ireland, soul cakes – small round cakes flavoured with spices and fruit were traditionally set out with a glass of wine as an offering to the dead. Children would go house to house for cakes. Children would pray for the souls of those who gave them treats, and also for souls of their loved ones. It from this the modern practice of Trick of Treating evolved.

And this is also where we come in with our oh-so-desirable collection of cakes, all baked to perfection, and designed just right for the occasion, when friends and families get together for partying and praying. And the celebrations cannot even commence or be complete without the creations from the Cakes & Bakes taking the centre stage.

Our Halloween collections is an assortment of flavourful and delicious offerings that draw inspiration from the imagination of all the ghostly spirits and their desires for a blend of creamy and rich textures and tasty toppings of nuts and fruits.

Our specially trained creative designers are at work to create for you Halloween cakes that have decorations designed to dovetail into your own imagination of what your special cake should be looking like. Carvings on the cake and the designs combine to make them look scary and menacing – in perfect sync with the occasion.

Whether the cake resembles a haunted house, or a skull, or a blood soaked face of a ghost – all of them have one thing in common, our high quality, taste and ‘dressed for the occasion’ look that make our offerings the talk of the town.

If you want something that is very unique, we welcome you to come over, have a discussion with our bakers, who will sit down with you and help come out with exactly what you want. But, please do make haste as we are witnessing a bit of a rush and we don’t want to disappoint you.

If you want to totally customise your cake – its size, shape, flavour, texture and taste, we can do it, but only request you give us the time to come out with the creation that you would enjoy to display and devour at the same time. Additional elements like candles, sparkles, custom inscription and all are but just a conversation away.

Why we have come out with our message now, two months in advance, is to enable you to plan out your Halloween celebrations and give us enough time to create the absolutely the best for you to celebrate the Halloween on Tuesday, October 31, 2023.